Our Mission

We founded One Less in 2017 based off one simple viewpoint: No one should have to compromise on protecting the environment or their health based on how much money they make. We believe that safe, quality, reusable items should be available to everyone, so we cut out the middleman and created sustainable products at attainable prices. Our future depends on it.

After focusing on our own personal betterment—living more minimalistically, changing dietary choices to reduce emissions, and being more conscious of our purchasing habits—we realized that we still needed to do more. Which is why we’re committed to helping shift the mindset about waste, especially for younger generations. Imagine the impact we could have on the planet and the future of our children if we teach them the importance of sustainability from a young age? Our goal is to create reusable products that effortlessly integrate into the lives of busy families so that using them, and bettering the planet, becomes second nature.

One Less is a direct reflection of everything that is important to us and we’re so happy to have you on our journey.

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